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About DAC


Darfur Alert is a Philadelphia-area coalition of American and Sudanese-born activists. Our leadership draws heavily from the Darfurian immigrant community to provide their insight and help guide our work. Thoroughly interfaith and interracial, our ranks include educators, businessmen, artists, students, peace activists, and other concerned citizens. Together, through public education and determined advocacy, we are raising awareness about the crisis, helping to support the oppressed, and working together to advance a just and lasting peace in Darfur.

The Darfur Alert Coalition is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and is registered with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Charitable Organizations.


Survivors are counting on us to mount an effective response to the atrocities that are threatening the lives of over 3 million people in the Darfur region of Sudan. The ongoing humanitarian crisis in Darfur has awakened fears in the international community of another African genocide along the lines of the recent tragedy in Rwanda.

In response to the dire situation in Dafur many concerned individuals and organizations ---both secular and interfaith --- in the Philadelphia metro and Delaware Valley region have gathered under the organizational umbrella of the Darfur Alert Coalition (DAC). For the past three years DAC has played a leading role both locally and nationally in drawing America's attention to the plight of the Darfurian people.

A unique part of DAC’s organizational outlook is that our coalition counts on local Philadelphia area Sudanese and Darfurian immigrants to provide leadership in setting our priorities. DAC’s Darfurian and Sudanese members offer information and insights about the crises within a historical context, as well as strategic and situational assessments of unfolding events that otherwise would not make sense.


The mission of DAC is to sponsor events and engage in organized activities aimed at educating the general public, advocating U.S. foreign policy positions that seek a just and peaceful end to the Darfurian crisis, and calling for increased economic and social development in western Sudan under the leadership of legitimate representatives of the Darfurian people.